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Angel On Board - Real Life Stories

EJ Thornton and Capri Brock
Published by Books To Believe In

A collection of non-fiction - incredible stories of encounters with Angels and other paranormal phenomenon.

ISBN: 0985615176

Angels and Awakenings: Stories of the Miraculous

Great Modern Writers

This wide-ranging collection indicates how deeply the angelic realm has affected modern writers.

ISBN: 0385153112

The Voice Across the Veil

Sue Scudder
Published by Books To Believe In

If you've ever wondered if you could speak to your angels - Sue explains her experiences.


The Book of Angels

Todd Jordan

The world the archangels represent is unlike any you know, full of heroism and drama and the Book of Angels shines light on the angel lore hidden away for eons in forgotten writings. Stunningly illustrated by Ruth Thompson.

ISBN: 1402738374

How to Hear Your Angels

Doreen Virtue

A step by step guide to clearly receive angelic messages. Doreen Virtue's workshops have been teaching everyday people this talent for many years. Doreen is by far, the most knowledgable expert in this field.

ISBN: 1401917054

Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians

Richard Webster

Contact Your Invisible Helpers

ISBN: 1567187951

The Encyclopedia of Angels

Richard Webster

An amazing array of information presented about all the angel types and by name. Includes references to biblical and scholarly sources, matches information provided in other publications. All descriptions are concise.

ISBN: 0738714623

Angels 101

Doreen Virtue

An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels

ISBN: 1402738374

Archangels 101

Doreen Virtue

How to Connect Closely with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Others for Healing, Protection, and Guidance

ISBN: 1401926398

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Todd Burpo

A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

ISBN: 0849946158

Angel On Board

EJ Thornton

Watch out for angels watching out for you!

ISBN: 1932344764

Help Me Angels

Richard Bullivant

How to Connect and work with your Guardian Angels for Daily Help and Guidance. No Task too Small



Othniel J. Seiden

A story of life - as told from the Hereafter

ISBN: 1494463288

Angel Numbers 101

Doreen Virtue

The Meaning of 111, 123, 444, and Other Number Sequences

ISBN: 1401920012

Guardian Angels

Martin Harry Greenburg & John Helfers

Heart-Warming Stories of Divine Influence and Protection

ISBN: 1581821247

Touched by an Angel

Martha Williamson

Touched by an Angel truly is a wonderful gift to the world, and this book captures the love, hope, and faith by which it came to be.

ISBN: 0310221595


Dr. David Jeremiah

Who They Are and How They Help--What the Bible Reveals

ISBN: 1601422695

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Angel On Board - A look at life from the afterlife...

Angel on Board by EJ Thornton is a delightful and often whimsical read about issues of love, abandonment and spirituality. These concepts are addressed through the often discussed belief or non-belief in guardian angels. Ms. Thornton takes the reader on an imaginary journey in which all the above mentioned concepts are presented using wonderful character development and intriguing plot lines. One finishes the book with a warm feeling, an almost confident and assured belief that we travel through life with a constant invisible companion who intuitively guides and assists us in life's journey.

I was amazed by this book's unique spirituality and intend to search out more offerings from this original and intriguing author. --T.A. Roach - Florence, CO

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Chapter XXI

We decided to look in on Jeremi. He struggled in his sleep as usual.

"We just did a deja vu with Glory," I told Henry. "She's right about a lot of things."

"Like what?"

"It's going to be impossible to get him to go willingly."

"Get help for his drinking," George clarified for Henry's sake.

"He has enablers all over the place. Even if one went away, another would willingly take their place," Henry said. We all agreed. We knew he meant the spoiler.

"What that boy needs is an education," George said definitively. "We need to make a concerted effort to get the message in front of him. Everywhere he turns, he needs to see the phone number to AA, a pamphlet about the Hope Center, the consequences of drinking and a light leading him out."

"Makes sense," I said and we all agreed again.

"Beginning tomorrow, the message will bombard him everywhere," Henry said.

"Good, let us help where we can," George said.

"You know what to do," Henry replied.

"I do," George confirmed.

George and I left on our mission. We visited all the other family members, including Jeannie. We planted thoughts with them and their angels about obtaining material regarding The Alcoholic and how to get him help.

In the next few days, whenever Jeremi watched TV, he'd flip through the channels. Every time there was a drunk who looked stupid on a show, the remote would quit working for a few moments. Jeremi would flip the remote harder to get it to change. He would be intent on the screen to see if the channel had changed, therefore, he was forced to watch the whole drunken escapade. Henry had fun making that one work out.

George and I shopped for pamphlets. Once we found several good ones, they appeared in both Peter and Jeannie's mailboxes addressed to "Occupant." Henry made sure Jeremi got the mail that day. Jeremi browsed through the collection and promptly threw them away. Undetered by that, more came in the next day's mail. Melinda got those.

Henry shined angel light on all newspaper sections that dealt with the consequences of drunken behavior, like the listings of the arrests and the gruesome pictures of the accidents. In every instance, Henry was sure to angel light the words, "Alcohol was involved."

It was a massive campaign and everyone with an angel that Jeremi had contact with in some way, shape or form, echoed the message.

Several nights later, Jeremi headed over to Jeannie's house to pick her up for an evening out. Anne had come to get the girls, so they could go out. While Jeannie waited for Jeremi to arrive, she opened the envelope with the brochures that George and I had sent her. She spread them out on the coffee table by the couch and picked one out that apparently appealed to her the most. She started to read it.

Jeremi knocked at the door. Instead of putting the brochure down, she took it with her to the door and continued to read it. She opened the door and kissed Jeremi hello and he gave her a nice hug. Then she turned around to grab her purse, but she kept reading the brochure.

"What's that?" he asked her.

She flashed it at him and resumed reading as she grabbed her purse.

"You've got to be kidding me!" he snapped at her. Jeannie was taken by surprise by this sudden change in tone. "I suppose you think I have a drinking problem, too! Geez, it's everywhere I turn these days!" He got louder and louder. Jeannie watched him, completely in shock. "Well, if that's what you think, I'm out of here!" He slammed the door, got in his car and sped off.

Jeannie grabbed her purse and went to follow him, but he had driven off too fast. "He went to the pub," Pearl informed her. So Jeannie drove to the pub and as expected, she found Jeremi's car there.

Jeannie went in and sat beside him at the bar. He already had one brandy down and had another one ordered.

"What's wrong with you?" she asked him. "I was just reading my mail and you went ballistic!"

Jeremi softened with his first brandy. "I know, I'm sorry. It's just every time I turn around, someone's throwing a pamphlet in my face."

He eventually calmed down and it looked like things were getting back to normal.

Then George told me, "We've got big problems." Out in the parking lot, headed in to the pub was the spoiler, looking determined.

"What do we do now?" I asked.

"Watch over them," Henry, Pearl and George said together.

Jeannie and Jeremi had their backs to the door. The spoiler spotted them right away and walked around the bar, directly into their line of sight. Jeremi was reaching for his next shot of brandy, when he saw her and his arm jerked and the brandy spilled all over the bar. Jeannie jumped and looked at Jeremi. His eyes were glued on the spoiler. Jeannie followed Jeremi's line of sight and saw what he was looking at. The spoiler walked slowly, sexily, around the back of the bar, never for one second taking her eyes off Jeremi. He tried to avoid eye contact with the spoiler by looking back at Jeannie. She glared at him with the coldest, angriest stare I think I have ever seen. Her hands trembled. Jeremi looked away, toward the bartender, for help. The bartended leaned back, with his arms crossed and watched this all unfold.

"Could I get a rag here?" Jeremi yelled at him.

The bartender threw it at him. They exchanged glares. Jeremi quickly wiped up the spill, then threw the rag right back at him.

"I've got to go," Jeannie said and stormed out the door.

Jeremi was torn between following Jeannie out the door and following the spoiler down the hallway. Jeannie disappeared so quickly Jeremi's only choice was to follow the spoiler.

She was down the hallway, around the corner, wearing a cocky look on her face. She'd been sure he'd follow her. Unfortunately, she was right.

"Hi, baby," she said and put her arms around his neck.

He pulled away, "Karla, get off me!"

"But, sweetheart," she touched his stomach gently with her fingers and drew a couple of circles. He pushed her hand away.

"Get away from me. You were a mistake. I told you before and I'll tell you again, we're through. Get away and stay away from me," he said forcefully.

Karla looked over Jeremi's shoulder and saw Jeannie there, waiting to confront him about this situation. The bartender followed close behind her. The spoiler put her arm over Jeremi's shoulder and put her leg up around his thigh and rubbed it up and down. "But, baby, you were so good, I've never had a lover like you before. When can we make love again? When can we do it again? Huh? Baby?" Her voice was sickeningly sweet. This woman was a piece of work.

"I'd like to know the answer to that, myself," Jeannie said.

Jeremi whipped around and inadvertently knocked Karla to the floor. "Jeannie!" Jeremi exclaimed, very startled. "Jeannie," he said again more softly and went to her. "It was a mistake."

Karla got up from the floor, spitting mad. "Jeremi! So you think you can just screw me and take off! Come back here, I'm still talking to you!" She lunged at Jeremi, but Henry helped her lose her footing. She missed and landed on the ground again. Furious, she took a swing at Jeannie. The bartender saw this coming, stopped her hand mid-swing and pulled her out of the hallway by her wrist. She spit at Jeannie and Jeremi on the way by. Some got on Jeannie's face and Jeremi tried to wipe it off, but she batted his hand away. Jeannie wiped it off herself.

Jeannie glared at Jeremi. "You liar." Her angry voice was low and controlled. "You cheating liar. I knew it. And I let you lie to me, even though in my heart I knew it was all a lie."

"Baby, come on." Jeremi tried to figure a way out of this one.

"Baby, that's was her name for you. You lost the right to EVER call me that again!"

"Look, I'm really sorry," Jeremi said.

"Yeah, I bet you're sorry. You're sorry you got caught!" Jeannie lashed out, trembling with anger and agony.

Jeremi got indignant. "Caught at what? You act like we're married," he snapped back defensively.

The words hit Jeannie like a physical punch. She fell back against the wall. "So you can be in a relationship with someone and cheat and it's okay, up until the minute you say 'I do.' Now I get it," she said quietly, sarcastically and angrily. I think Jeremi realized how much he had just hurt her, so he gently put his hand up to her face to wipe her tears away. She batted his hand away. "Get your hands off me!" she growled at him. Her eyes threw daggers at him. There was a long pause.

"You're still carrying my baby," he said, reminding her of the obvious.

There was nothing but pain in her eyes when she replied, "If you think I'm going to let a drunk like you come near my child, you're crazier than you are drunk. You're dead to me." She paused, then added, "To us."

When he heard Jeannie use the word drunk to describe him, he lost all control. All the angels went into action. Henry surrounded Jeremi, Pearl surrounded Jeannie and I tried to stay between them. The bartender came back down the hallway to break this up and he arrived in time to see Jeremi smack Jeannie's face. He slapped her so hard that she fell down. Pearl cushioned her fall as best she could. Jeannie sat up immediately and grabbed her stomach. She screamed in pain.

Both Jeremi and the bartender rushed to Jeannie's aid. Jeremi pleaded "I'm sorry. Oh God, I'm so sorry. Are you all right? Jeannie, talk to me please. Oh God, please!"

Jeannie groaned.

The bartender told Jeremi, "You need to leave. You need to be gone and I mean now!"

"Jeannie, are you all right! Jeannie!!!" Jeremi yelled back.

"Get away from me," Jeannie growled, glared and groaned.

"Now. I'm about to call the police," the bartender warned.

Jeremi got up. "But I'm sorry, Jeannie. God, tell her I'm sorry!" He pleaded with the bartender. Jeremi looked around, examined his options, then he ran out of the pub.

I tried to help Pearl with Jeannie. Pearl coached, "Breathe, breathe, he-he-hoo, he-he-hoo." Jeannie complied with her. We worked to calm her down and to help her make it through the pain.

Henry just stood there. He looked down and wept. Then he said through his tears, "I've failed. I've completely failed Jeremi, Jeannie, God and myself. It's time I go where I can be of productive service to the universe because I'm finished being of any reasonable good here. God, please forgive me my failure."

I stood up to face him. "Get a grip, man! Jeremi needs you. You're his angel."

George came between Henry and me. "Martin. This is Henry's choice and he's made it. He's lost Jeremi. He needs to go where he will be of more use, spiritually." He turned to Henry, "Go in peace, my friend." Henry turned away from us and simply vanished.

"Well, who's gonna protect Jeremi now?" I demanded of George.

"Nobody," he answered sadly.

"Pearl, how's Jeannie? How's the baby?" I assessed the situation as fast as I could. I knew the baby was my charge, but Jeremi was my son. I was never so torn in my life or death.

"She's going to be all right," Pearl said. "She's more upset than anything right now. The baby is fine. She was knocked down, that's all."

"Call me if you need me. I'm going after Jeremi." I looked at George to discern if we were in this battle together.

"Let's go," he said to me.

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