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Angel On Board - Real Life Stories

EJ Thornton and Capri Brock
Published by Books To Believe In

A collection of non-fiction - incredible stories of encounters with Angels and other paranormal phenomenon.

ISBN: 0985615176

Angels and Awakenings: Stories of the Miraculous

Great Modern Writers

This wide-ranging collection indicates how deeply the angelic realm has affected modern writers.

ISBN: 0385153112

The Voice Across the Veil

Sue Scudder
Published by Books To Believe In

If you've ever wondered if you could speak to your angels - Sue explains her experiences.


The Book of Angels

Todd Jordan

The world the archangels represent is unlike any you know, full of heroism and drama and the Book of Angels shines light on the angel lore hidden away for eons in forgotten writings. Stunningly illustrated by Ruth Thompson.

ISBN: 1402738374

How to Hear Your Angels

Doreen Virtue

A step by step guide to clearly receive angelic messages. Doreen Virtue's workshops have been teaching everyday people this talent for many years. Doreen is by far, the most knowledgable expert in this field.

ISBN: 1401917054

Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians

Richard Webster

Contact Your Invisible Helpers

ISBN: 1567187951

The Encyclopedia of Angels

Richard Webster

An amazing array of information presented about all the angel types and by name. Includes references to biblical and scholarly sources, matches information provided in other publications. All descriptions are concise.

ISBN: 0738714623

Angels 101

Doreen Virtue

An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels

ISBN: 1402738374

Archangels 101

Doreen Virtue

How to Connect Closely with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Others for Healing, Protection, and Guidance

ISBN: 1401926398

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Todd Burpo

A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

ISBN: 0849946158

Angel On Board

EJ Thornton

Watch out for angels watching out for you!

ISBN: 1932344764

Help Me Angels

Richard Bullivant

How to Connect and work with your Guardian Angels for Daily Help and Guidance. No Task too Small



Othniel J. Seiden

A story of life - as told from the Hereafter

ISBN: 1494463288

Angel Numbers 101

Doreen Virtue

The Meaning of 111, 123, 444, and Other Number Sequences

ISBN: 1401920012

Guardian Angels

Martin Harry Greenburg & John Helfers

Heart-Warming Stories of Divine Influence and Protection

ISBN: 1581821247

Touched by an Angel

Martha Williamson

Touched by an Angel truly is a wonderful gift to the world, and this book captures the love, hope, and faith by which it came to be.

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Dr. David Jeremiah

Who They Are and How They Help--What the Bible Reveals

ISBN: 1601422695

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Angel On Board - A look at life from the afterlife... REVIEW:

  • I lent it to a friend who lost her mom. We loved it! Would read it again! Great book! -- Sharon T.
  • I've been able to find peace with mom's passing. I highly recommend it to anyone going through loss. -- Jude Willhoff, author
  • The best angel book ever written! -- Vicky Steffan
  • It feels like it was written just for me. It'll feel that way for you too!
  • It helped me get through some of the toughest days of my life! The parallels to my life were astounding! --Vicky S., Boise, Id
  • I lent it to a friend who lost her mom. We loved it! Would read it again! Great book!
  • I've been able to find peace with mom's passing. I highly recommend it to anyone going through loss.
  • It is the best angel book you'll ever read! It is a fun fiction romp through Heaven!
For product reviews and more information: Angel On Board - A look at life from the afterlife...
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Chapter XXVIII

Group broke up shortly thereafter and everyone was dismissed to their rooms or to their private counseling sessions. Jeremi sat with a new group of people at dinner. Most talked with excitement about visitation tonight. "So who's coming to see you, Jeremi?" the woman across the table from him asked.

"Nobody," Jeremi replied, depressed. "I'll guess I'll watch TV in the solarium."

"That's too bad," she consoled him.

Jeremi picked at his food the rest of the meal.

As dinner finished, individuals were called one by one to the front desk as their visitors arrived. Jeremi was in his own world. He retreated to the solarium and tried to watch a movie on TV. His name was announced three times. By the third time, the nurses were all looking for him.

One finally found him. "Jeremi!" she said loud enough to get his attention over the TV.

"Huh?" he looked up.

She pointed up at the ceiling, in the direction of the closest speaker. "You should listen once in a while, they've been calling your name. You have a visitor."

"I do?"

"They've called you three times. I hope they're still here. You better hurry!"

Jeremi jumped up and followed the nurse, who took him to the place to greet the visitors. Jeremi smiled broadly when he saw Peter. Peter was somber until he saw how good Jeremi looked, then he smiled, too. They embraced.

"He does look good," William said to George and me. We had to agree.

They walked down the hallway to an empty room with couches in it. They sat down.

"So, how are you, my brother?" Peter asked enthusiastically.

"I'm pretty good."

"Just pretty good?"

"Well, I'm fine, really. Probably better than I've been in a long, long time. But I'm just . . . frankly, I'm embarrassed that it had to come to this." Peter nodded. "I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry for what happened." Peter hugged him and Jeremi broke down. After a couple of seconds, they broke apart. Jeremi wiped his eyes. "How's Jeannie? Tell me she's all right. Tell me she, the baby and the girls are all right."

Peter nodded. "She went to the doctor yesterday, I believe. He said 'Everything is okay.'" Jeremi heaved a sigh of relief. "I've seen her once since all this started, but Melinda's called her almost every day to make sure she's all right. She got a crib for the baby. I guess she and her friend won it at the slot machines." Jeremi looked at him strangely. "It sounded a little strange to me too - winning a crib on slots, I guess we'll just get the whole story later." They both shrugged their shoulders. "They got it put together, which must've been a story in itself."

"That's the truth," I told George and William.

"Do you think she'll ever talk to me again?" Jeremi asked Peter.

"Well, she's pretty hurt by everything. You know her emotions are extra strong, being pregnant and all. But I think she'll talk to you again, I think that'll happen. She's this interesting cross between mad as hell at you and worried to death about you."

Jeremi smiled slightly. "Me, too--at me, I mean."

"What's been happening since you got here?"

"Well, it's been weird. I never would've expected it to go this way. The first day is a total blur. Some people have told me I had really bad DTs. I suppose I must've because I know, I was pretty out of it." Peter nodded. "The second night, I was just plain mad. I blamed everyone and his brother," Jeremi glanced at Peter, "for my being here. That it was some big set up, like I was this innocent victim."

"Did that change?" Peter asked.

"Oh yeah," Jeremi answered. Peter sighed. "The counselor and I had this heart-to-heart. He led me down his merry path. I thought he was on my side, that it was this big conspiracy and stuff and then pow, he let me have it." He punched his hand.

"How?" Peter asked eagerly.

"By replaying all the same events but from the other person's perspective. Then he told me to get out, that I was free to leave because his time was too valuable to waste."

"So then what happened?" Peter was wide-eyed.

"I just sat here, actually." Jeremi looked around the room. "I sat over there and I thought about it. I really seriously thought about what life would be like again if I left, without getting better. What next week would look like, what next month would look like, next year. I realized that I deserved better than the life I was dooming myself to live. It felt like Dad was talking to me and telling me this was my chance. That this was where I needed to be." Jeremi got his chill bumps on his arm again. He rubbed them. "Then, you remember at his funeral? You remember the light?" Peter nodded. "I saw it again. From that moment on, it's been all right. I've just been learning and trying to figure out what to do next."

"Wow," Peter said, impressed.

Jeremi leaned back in his chair with a smile. "Yeah."

"So, what's next? When can you go home?"

"I'm hoping just a few more days. Maybe I'll be out by the weekend."

"Whatever day you get out, we'll make the best dinner you ever had. What do you want?"

"Jeannie and the girls to be there," Jeremi said after he paused to think about it.

Peter smiled, nodded and said, "I'll do everything in my power to make that happen for you, bro."

"So will I," I said softly. George patted me on the back.

They visited for about another hour. Jeremi told Peter the rest of the story of his experiences here, from the "weird guy" the second night, all about Don, all about Bill, the nurses, to the baby's name. Jeremi thanked Peter for packing the sweater, to which Peter scratched his head and dismissed it by saying "Melinda must've done that."

"I knew that was you!" I said to George.

"You did not!" he kidded back.

After they were done, Jeremi walked Peter out and they embraced again.

"I'll be here in a heartbeat, if you need anything," Peter assured Jeremi.


Peter left and Jeremi went back to his room.

That night was pretty peaceful for Jeremi. He went back to his room and read some in his books and went to sleep. I went to see how Jeannie was holding up. She and the girls played a game at the kitchen table. The girls were really into it, but Jeannie was completely distracted. Carole had to tug on her mother's arm to get her attention. Jeannie answered the question at hand or took her turn, but then her look got distant again.

"It's okay if you want to stop playing, Mommy," Carole said.

"I'm fine, honey." Jeannie put her hand on Carole's cheek. "Mommy loves playing games with you girls."

After a bit, there was a knock on the door: Peter.

Jeannie opened the door and gave him a hug. Then the girls ran over to him and did the same.

After the greetings, Peter asked quietly, "Can we talk?"

Jeannie nodded and then told the girls to go to their room for a little while, which they did after they each got one more hug. They successfully stalled the inevitable sentence of going to their room until Jeannie snapped her fingers, then they both walked slowly down the hall to the bedroom. Carole stood in the doorway and tried to listen. Jeannie waited a couple of seconds, then yelled, "Close the door!" Carole turned reluctantly and closed the door behind her.

"I've just come from seeing Jeremi," Peter said.

"That's nice," Jeannie said, less than enthusiastic about it.

"He looks great. He's doing great. He says he's learned a lot."

"Good for him."

"Well, we think he'll be home in a couple of days, maybe by the weekend and Melinda and I are going to throw him a celebration dinner. But the only way it'll be complete is if you and the girls come, too."

"I see," Jeannie said curtly, then she let loose. "And I suppose I'm just supposed to sit there and smile and forget everything that happened? Forget that he cheated on me and lied to me and played me for a fool, while I'm carrying his child!"

"Jeannie, please let him in so he can tell you how sorry he is."

"I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry I ever met him. I'm sorry I ever got close to him." Tears streamed down her face. "I need to figure out what I'm going to do. To go to a dinner and sit there and pretend to be happy, are you kidding me? I've got responsibilities. I've got children to raise. I've got to get through this without having a breakdown because I'm the only one these kids can count on."

"Stop it!" Pearl got right in her face and commanded. "You're throwing a pity party and nobody's coming!"

Jeannie covered her face and cried, the tears leaking out all around her fingers.

Peter put his arm around her. "Jeannie, nobody, especially Jeremi, expects you to forget what happened. But you know as well as I do that he has a problem and that was the primary reason for what happened and he's handling that. He loves you, I know it." Jeannie shook her head and kept her face covered. "Yes, he does. And he wants so much to be part of this family. You're all he could think of--you, the baby and the girls."

Jeannie looked at Peter with a combination of hurt and anger in her eyes and in her voice. "What am I supposed to do, trust him now? Even if I wanted to take him back, I could never trust him again. What future could there be in that? I refuse to live like that! I refuse to be a mother who shows my girls that that is any way to live!" She broke down and cried again, but this time on Peter's shoulder.

"I know you're hurt and rightfully so. It'll take time. But like they're telling him, 'one day at a time.' Okay. Let's take this whole situation, one day at a time. All we can do is trust that God has this all under control - especially when it feels this out of control."

"William, he needs to go. The doctor's worried about her blood pressure getting out of control," Pearl said softly.

"Peter, let's go," William said to Peter.

"Jeannie, listen, I've got to go. I'll call you and tell you what time the dinner will be as soon as I talk to Melinda and when we know for sure what day Jeremi is coming home." Peter got up off the couch. Jeannie nodded. "So you'll come?" Peter asked hopefully.

"We'll see," Jeannie said, biting her lip in an effort to hold back more tears.

"Take care, my sister, and call us if you need us. Understand?" Jeannie reacted shocked when Peter called her his 'sister.' Then Peter helped her up off the couch and gave her another hug.

"I'll let myself out," he said and then left, closing the door behind him.

Jeannie stood there, stunned by what just happened. Pearl shined angel light on the bookmark that Jeannie had mounted in the hallway. Jeannie made her way over to it, leaned back on the opposite wall and stared at it for a moment. Then she walked down the hall and knocked on the girl's door "Ollie, ollie, in come oxen free!"

The girls bounded out of the room. "Where's Uncle Peter?" Carole asked.

"He left," Jeannie said.

Their enthusiasm turned to disappointment. "I wanted to show him my new dress," Carole whined.

"Another day, sweetie. Another day." Jeannie turned and went into her bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. The girls followed.

"Why are you so sad, Mommy?" Carole asked and sat down on the bed beside her. "Does a baby in your tummy make you sad?"

"Sweetheart." Jeannie pulled Carole up on the bed beside her. "This baby makes me really happy, some one else is making me sad. Here, put your hand right here." She put Carole's hand on her bulging stomach. The baby responded to the pressure and moved around. Carole's eyes got really big. Jeannie groaned a little. "That was your little brother playing with you. How could I be sad, sweetheart, when I know how much I love you and Lynne and this little baby guy and how much you all love me?" Jeannie patted her stomach. Their conversation lasted a while longer. Jeannie slowly began to remember how she was so very happily mommied.

I was worried about what Pearl had said to make Peter leave. "What's wrong with her blood pressure, Pearl?"

"It's been high these past couple of visits. The doctor cautioned her to stay as calm as possible, we still have a couple weeks to go yet. Nothing serious, but we need to watch out for her," Pearl explained. We all agreed.

A little while later, Jeannie tucked the girls into bed and laid down herself. As was typical, within the hour, in waltzed Carole with Lynne close behind. They snuggled up in bed together, Mommy in the middle and baby on top. It was a sight to behold as they drifted off to sleep.

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