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Angel On Board - Real Life Stories

EJ Thornton and Capri Brock
Published by Books To Believe In

A collection of non-fiction - incredible stories of encounters with Angels and other paranormal phenomenon.

ISBN: 0985615176

Angels and Awakenings: Stories of the Miraculous

Great Modern Writers

This wide-ranging collection indicates how deeply the angelic realm has affected modern writers.

ISBN: 0385153112

The Voice Across the Veil

Sue Scudder
Published by Books To Believe In

If you've ever wondered if you could speak to your angels - Sue explains her experiences.


The Book of Angels

Todd Jordan

The world the archangels represent is unlike any you know, full of heroism and drama and the Book of Angels shines light on the angel lore hidden away for eons in forgotten writings. Stunningly illustrated by Ruth Thompson.

ISBN: 1402738374

How to Hear Your Angels

Doreen Virtue

A step by step guide to clearly receive angelic messages. Doreen Virtue's workshops have been teaching everyday people this talent for many years. Doreen is by far, the most knowledgable expert in this field.

ISBN: 1401917054

Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians

Richard Webster

Contact Your Invisible Helpers

ISBN: 1567187951

The Encyclopedia of Angels

Richard Webster

An amazing array of information presented about all the angel types and by name. Includes references to biblical and scholarly sources, matches information provided in other publications. All descriptions are concise.

ISBN: 0738714623

Angels 101

Doreen Virtue

An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels

ISBN: 1402738374

Archangels 101

Doreen Virtue

How to Connect Closely with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Others for Healing, Protection, and Guidance

ISBN: 1401926398

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Todd Burpo

A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

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Angel On Board

EJ Thornton

Watch out for angels watching out for you!

ISBN: 1932344764

Help Me Angels

Richard Bullivant

How to Connect and work with your Guardian Angels for Daily Help and Guidance. No Task too Small



Othniel J. Seiden

A story of life - as told from the Hereafter

ISBN: 1494463288

Angel Numbers 101

Doreen Virtue

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Guardian Angels

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Heart-Warming Stories of Divine Influence and Protection

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Touched by an Angel

Martha Williamson

Touched by an Angel truly is a wonderful gift to the world, and this book captures the love, hope, and faith by which it came to be.

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Dr. David Jeremiah

Who They Are and How They Help--What the Bible Reveals

ISBN: 1601422695

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Angel On Board - A look at life from the afterlife...

Angel on Board by EJ Thornton is a delightful and often whimsical read about issues of love, abandonment and spirituality. These concepts are addressed through the often discussed belief or non-belief in guardian angels. Ms. Thornton takes the reader on an imaginary journey in which all the above mentioned concepts are presented using wonderful character development and intriguing plot lines. One finishes the book with a warm feeling, an almost confident and assured belief that we travel through life with a constant invisible companion who intuitively guides and assists us in life's journey.

I was amazed by this book's unique spirituality and intend to search out more offerings from this original and intriguing author. --T.A. Roach - Florence, CO

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Chapter XXII

We caught up with Jeremi, crying and driving - headed nowhere in particular. He kept drinking from a bottle of brandy that he already had in the car.

I told George. "We've got to get him off the road."

"What he needs is to get caught," George responded. "I'm going to go help a police officer find him." He left.

Within a minute, lights flashed in Jeremi's rearview mirror. Jeremi muttered some expletives. He tried to stash the brandy bottle as he pulled into a nearby parking lot. He dug in his pocket for a breath mint and popped it in. He wiped his face and tried to put on a smile to fool the officer, who came up to the side of the car. George was right behind him. The officer's angel waited for him in the patrol car.

"Good evening," the officer said politely.

"Good evening, officer," Jeremi said. "Is there a problem?"

"Do you know why I pulled you over tonight, sir?"

Jeremi shook his head.

"You took that last turn back there awfully wide."

"I did? I'm sorry." Jeremi said as sweet as he could muster.

"Have you been drinking tonight, sir?"

"I had a brandy back at the pub, but only one," Jeremi admitted.

"I'm going to need your license and registration, then I'm going to need you to step out of the car, sir."

Jeremi took his wallet out and gave him his driver's license. He reached down under the seat and spilled the brandy bottle as he opened the glove box to get out the registration. George helped a little brandy get on the registration, to insure the officer smelled it. It worked.

"Do you know it's against the law to have an open container of alcohol in your vehicle?" the officer asked him. Jeremi nodded. "Please get out of the car, sir." Jeremi got out of the car. "Please turn around." Jeremi turned around. "I'm placing you under arrest, on the charge of driving while intoxicated and violating the open container ordinance. You have the right to remain silent . . ." The officer read him the rest of his Miranda rights and led him to the police car.

"Well, now what?" I asked George.

"I'm making this up as I go."

"Well, we got him out from behind the wheel drunk, angry and hurt. That much is good," I consoled myself. "But getting him arrested, this is pretty drastic."

"Even Glory asked for something dramatic to wake him up. This is pretty dramatic. Hopefully, the court will order some type of alcohol treatment or education. But whether they do or not, at least we got him off the streets where he was in mortal danger."

We sat in the backseat of the police car with Jeremi on his long drive downtown. I had to find out if Jeannie was all right. "Will you be all right for a bit? My heart is telling me that I've got to go check on Jeannie and the baby," I told George.

"I'll stay with him," George reassured me.

"Call me if you need anything."

"Go!" George commanded.

Jeannie was back at her apartment alone, except for Pearl. I told Pearl what happened to Jeremi and she told me the bartender drove Jeannie home, then returned to the pub.

Jeannie paced the living room for awhile and then cried. After a while, she collapsed on the couch. Almost immediately after she sat down, there was a knock on the door. With quite a bit of effort, thanks to her prominent stomach and sore behind, she got herself up. She muttered quietly on the way to the door about her bad timing. Then she looked out the peephole and saw Peter. She opened the door and let him in.

"Are you all right?" He rushed right in and gave her a hug.

Jeannie said. "I'm fine." She looked at her stomach, "We're fine." He gave her a look of disbelief. "Really," she insisted.

"I know better," Peter said and pulled her close and held her tight. Then she let finally let down her defenses she started to cry. "That's right, get out all the garbage. Cry it out. I know this is very hard, especially for you."

The more Peter consoled her, the harder Jeannie cried. Eventually she pulled away and wiped her eyes. "I'm all right." She went to get herself a glass of water.

She and Peter sat on the couch to talk things out. Peter reiterated that he planned to be there for his nephew or niece and he would help in any way she needed him to. They talked for over an hour. Jeannie told him how she felt about Jeremi and how badly he had hurt her. Peter listened. Sometimes he'd explain some detail about Jeremi that he hoped would give her insight into his character, and sometimes that helped. Peter got ready to leave after he was fully satisfied Jeannie had settled down and was going to be all right. Then the phone rang.

"What now?" Jeannie said, exasperated. She answered the phone and snapped "Hello."

She listened for a bit, her eyes getting big. She motioned for Peter to come over to the phone. She covered the mouthpiece and whispered, "Jeremi's in jail and since there was nobody's home at your house, he called me to come bail him out."

Peter rolled his eyes, shaking his head, "He's got his nerve."

"This is why you're here, Peter. You need to get him out of jail and into a treatment center. Tell her you'll go get him." William coached.

"How did you know about this?" I asked William.

"George summoned me and told me to get Peter here. He had me turn the ringer off Peter's phone right before I left," Peter's angel explained.

"He's good," I said. William agreed.

Jeannie repeated what Jeremi said to her, for Peter's benefit.

"Tell him you'll take care of it," Peter whispered to her. Jeannie looked at him in disbelief. He encouraged her to say it.

"I'll take care of it," Jeannie said to Jeremi, then hung up the phone abruptly.

"This is perfect," Peter said excitedly.

"How?" Jeannie asked.

"He's right where we want him."

"You got that right."

"No, no. Check this out: I'll bail him out in a little bit, but first I'll make arrangements for him to check into the Hope Center to detox," Peter explained. "Where's your phone book?"

"How are you going to get him to go there?"

"Well, I'll reason with him to see if he sees the predicament he's in. If keeps being hard headed about it, he'll walk his little ass back to jail!" Peter grabbed the phone book from Jeannie. He held the receiver with his shoulder as he looked up the number. "This might be exactly the break we've all been praying for."

Peter made the arrangements, hugged Jeannie and told her that he'd call her tomorrow and let her know what was up. He left.

Pearl assured me that Jeannie and the baby were all right, so I left to go back to George and Jeremi.

Jeremi was in a drunk tank. I explained the plan to George.

"I think I'm getting through to him," George said. "That is, when he's quiet. If he's agitating his cellmates, forget it."

Jeremi vented his anger from time to time by complaining about one of the other's personal habits, but luckily they all pretty much ignored him. Jeremi muttered to himself about needing a drink.

When Jeremi was pitching a fits, George was silent. When Jeremi finally got quiet, George coached, "Jeremi, you know you're big in trouble. You need someone to throw you a life-line. It may seem to you like nobody is there for you, but there's plenty of people and angels who are on your side. We all want to see you get well. You need to get off this poison. You need to sober up and stay sober! You have a son coming. I know you want him to grow up knowing the real you." A tear formed in Jeremi's eye. George's voice softened. Jeremi's closed his eyes and drifted off to a shallow sleep.

"I'll be right back," George said and he went into Jeremi's dream. Jeremi reached out and looked like he was holding on to something. George reappeared.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"I threw him a life-line. It said Hope on it. When Peter gets here, I want that image to be fresh in his mind."

There was still plenty of time to pass before Peter could arrive. So, while Jeremi slept, I needed to understand what happened with Henry. As usual, George knew what was on my mind.

"Are you ready to talk about Henry?"

"Why, yes I am. However did you know?" I replied glibly. He ignored my tone. So I went on, "How could he quit like that? How could he just walk away? When we're closer now than ever to a breakthrough."

"What you need to understand, Martin," George began, "is that there is a terrible battle going on. Evil is constantly trying to overtake the good in the world. There are battles going on everywhere, all the time. Angels need to feel useful. The battle must be continually fought or we will lose good people to the void. Henry felt useless. He's tried to get through to Jeremi and he's tried for many things over many years. Sometimes people lose their angels. Some people can do something so offensive to their angel that their angel in good conscious have to leave. This has been building up for so long, today Jeremi hit the woman who is carrying his baby. That was his breaking point. And unless he turns his life around, he'll probably never get another angel."

"So what's going to happen to him now, angel-wise? Who'll be there to look over him?"

"Nobody, and nobody will again unless he gets back on the right track and earns back the privilege of being guarded by an angel. There are a lot of angel-less people out there, Martin."

"There's gotta be another answer!"

"It's up to Jeremi now..." George tried to comfort me.

The guard opened the door and called. "Jeremiah Harper."

Jeremi was still asleep. As the guard called him a second time, both George and I yelled in Jeremi's ear. He sat up confused and groggy.

"You Jeremiah Harper?"

"Uh huh." He wavered a little getting up, but George steadied one arm and I the other.

"You've been bailed out, buddy; let's go." The guard let Jeremi out and closed the cell door behind him.

Jeremi looked around, saw a clock. It was two in the morning. "It's about time she got here," he sputtered.

The guard heard what he said and asked, "She?"

Peter was there waiting for him. When Jeremi saw Peter he stopped in his tracks. "I thought Jeannie'd be here."

"She handled it. I'm here," Peter emphasized Jeannie's exact words. "Sit down, we need to talk." He motioned for Jeremi to sit next to him and the guard took his seat at the desk. Jeremi sat down.

"What?" Jeremi said impatiently. "Let's get out of here."

"We've got to talk before I take you anywhere," Peter said. Jeremi gave him his attention. "You know I love you." He nodded and got Jeremi to nod back. "But--"

"I knew there had to be a 'but.' Cut to the chase, man," Jeremi snapped.

"Okay." Peter took a moment and rethought what he needed to say. "This is the deal: I've made a reservation for you at the Hope Center. If I bail you out, that's where I'm taking you."

"If?!" Jeremi repeated in disbelief, with a hint of panic.

"That's right, 'if.' If you refuse to do this, then you get to keep your happy behind in jail! If you choose jail, you'll detox here because by the time you see the judge, it'll be tomorrow morning. I doubt that anyone's gonna serve you a beer breakfast in your bunk!" Peter's tone was very firm.

"Then he's looking at least 60 days," the guard said.

"What did you say?" Jeremi asked the guard.

"I said, 60 days." Jeremi and Peter looked at him, waiting for him to explain. "The judge he's seeing is on a personal quest to rid the world of alcoholics. A drunk driver killed her sister. She'll sentence you to at least sixty days for the level of booze you had in your blood. Throw an open container on top of that, you're looking at least four, maybe six months. Your only hope is to detox voluntarily." The guard leaned back in his chair and put his arms behind his head and rocked.

"I guess that's the only choice I have." Jeremi snapped at Peter. "This sucks."

"Then is that where we're going?" Peter asked.

"I guess I'm stuck," Jeremi conceded, angrily.

The guard gave Jeremi and Peter both papers to sign. He told Jeremi where to wait to have his belongings returned to him; both Peter and Jeremi went there. They stood in line for a moment, then Peter abruptly returned to the officer's desk.

"Where is this officer?" Peter asked of another guard standing nearby. "I'd like to thank him for his help with my brother." Peter pointed at the piece of paper which was just signed, to help this new guard discern who he was talking about.

The other guard looked at the paper and said, "Oh, he's gone. He left a couple of hours ago."

Peter stood there, perplexed. He looked around and tried to regain his bearings, making sure he was in the right place. He looked back at the paper, the guard's name was clearly written on it. Jeremi waved at Peter to let him know he was ready. Peter left, scratching his head and looking over his shoulder, still trying to sort it all out.

I looked at George, who had on a huge cheesy grin. "Tell me you recognize an angel when you see one."

"Of course!" I said, but he knew he got me good that time.

"I love it when a plan comes together!" George laughed.

We joined a confused Peter and a reluctant Jeremi as they walked silently out to Peter's car.

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