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Angel On Board - Real Life Stories

EJ Thornton and Capri Brock
Published by Books To Believe In

A collection of non-fiction - incredible stories of encounters with Angels and other paranormal phenomenon.

ISBN: 0985615176

Angels and Awakenings: Stories of the Miraculous

Great Modern Writers

This wide-ranging collection indicates how deeply the angelic realm has affected modern writers.

ISBN: 0385153112

The Voice Across the Veil

Sue Scudder
Published by Books To Believe In

If you've ever wondered if you could speak to your angels - Sue explains her experiences.


The Book of Angels

Todd Jordan

The world the archangels represent is unlike any you know, full of heroism and drama and the Book of Angels shines light on the angel lore hidden away for eons in forgotten writings. Stunningly illustrated by Ruth Thompson.

ISBN: 1402738374

How to Hear Your Angels

Doreen Virtue

A step by step guide to clearly receive angelic messages. Doreen Virtue's workshops have been teaching everyday people this talent for many years. Doreen is by far, the most knowledgable expert in this field.

ISBN: 1401917054

Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians

Richard Webster

Contact Your Invisible Helpers

ISBN: 1567187951

The Encyclopedia of Angels

Richard Webster

An amazing array of information presented about all the angel types and by name. Includes references to biblical and scholarly sources, matches information provided in other publications. All descriptions are concise.

ISBN: 0738714623

Angels 101

Doreen Virtue

An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels

ISBN: 1402738374

Archangels 101

Doreen Virtue

How to Connect Closely with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Others for Healing, Protection, and Guidance

ISBN: 1401926398

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Todd Burpo

A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

ISBN: 0849946158

Angel On Board

EJ Thornton

Watch out for angels watching out for you!

ISBN: 1932344764

Help Me Angels

Richard Bullivant

How to Connect and work with your Guardian Angels for Daily Help and Guidance. No Task too Small



Othniel J. Seiden

A story of life - as told from the Hereafter

ISBN: 1494463288

Angel Numbers 101

Doreen Virtue

The Meaning of 111, 123, 444, and Other Number Sequences

ISBN: 1401920012

Guardian Angels

Martin Harry Greenburg & John Helfers

Heart-Warming Stories of Divine Influence and Protection

ISBN: 1581821247

Touched by an Angel

Martha Williamson

Touched by an Angel truly is a wonderful gift to the world, and this book captures the love, hope, and faith by which it came to be.

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Dr. David Jeremiah

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ISBN: 1601422695

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Angel On Board - A look at life from the afterlife... This book has EVERYTHING that everyone talks about. The most beautifully written, soft, gentle, inspiring and soul healing book that anyone can read. I could not put it down, and found myself seeing so many things in it that, even being different experiences, mirrored events in my life and gave me hope and understanding. EJ gives us a new way to look at life and death, at God and the Angels, at all the good that is in people, even when sometimes it comes from a dark place. It makes us want to be less judgmental and more forgiving. But, above all, when you are in a sad place in your life and can't find the way out, this story makes you see everything in a more clear light and try to find a way to improve your soul and be a better person, asking for God's forgiveness and His and the Angels help.

Do yourself a favor, read it!!!

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Chapter II

"How did you do that?" I asked, as I tried to regain my bearings.

"It's very simple. As an angel, all you have to do is think of being someplace or with someone and when you desire it, you're there with them. It's one of the best parts of being an angel," George explained.

So there I was. I looked down on my lovely wife, fast asleep, my still, lifeless body was right next to her.

"George, is she going to wake up and find me there, all alone like this?"

"Is that how you want it?"

"I think that would be too hard on her."

"Then, how would you like it to happen?"

"What do you mean?"

"If you could have your way, how would you like to be found? How would you like her to find out you've died?"

"Well, someone should be with her."

"Who would you like it to be?"

It came to me immediately. "Sarah. Sarah is who needs to be with her." My youngest daughter Sarah still lived at home, while she attended college. She was in the room right down the hall.

"Okay then, let's go wake up Sarah and get her to come in here."

"How do we do that?"

"Think back, Martin. I know there were times in your life when you felt compelled to be somewhere and you only understood the reason after you got there?"

"Yes. Lots of times."

"Most of those times, I led you or let some other angel lead you where you needed to go. It happens all the time. That's what an angel does, guides you where you need to be. I'll show you how you do it. First, think about being with Sarah."

So I closed my eyes and when I opened them, we were in Sarah's room. "Whoa!" I said. "That was fast."

"Time and space are different for you now, Martin. The main concept you need to grasp is that time can only go forward. Going backwards in it is impossible. Stopping it is impossible. But you can slow it down as much as you need to to accomplish the task at hand. Sometimes people report that during an accident, it felt like they were going in slow motion." I nodded. "Angels!"

"Okay, but how does that help us wake up Sarah?" I looked down at my sweet sleeping daughter. "How are we going to get her from here to there before her mama wakes up?"

"First, we need to summon Sarah's angel. While our charges are sleeping, if they're completely safe, the angels get to handle other business or visit other people. Wait until you see who this is." George rubbed his hands together quickly and grinned with anticipation. "Emma," he whispered.

If it were still possible, I'd have fainted. Emma was my mother's mother. She looked at me and smiled. "Welcome to Heaven, Baby." She gave me the sweetest kiss on the cheek, just like when she was on earth.

"Grandmama!" I paused while I absorbed what I saw. "How?" She died so many years before Sarah was born.

"I waited for this one, my first grandchild's baby girl. I wanted this one." She looked at Sarah and her face beamed with light and love. "This is going to be hard for her. We knew it was coming, so I tried to prepare her." Then she looked at George. "How are we doing this?"

George paused, then said, "Martin, imagine a beautiful, large, white feather."

I closed my eyes and did just that.

"Open your eyes," George said.

There in my hands was the feather, just the way I imagined it. I almost dropped it. "Settle down, Martin, it's just a feather." George and Grandmama laughed at me.

"Now, go tickle her nose with it," Grandmama instructed.

"Can she see any of this?" I asked.

"Oh no," Grandmama said. "She's really sensitive to what we say to her and our interactions with her, but she's oblivious to us. People rely on their ears for hearing when in reality their souls hear much more reliably, really."

I went over to her and very gently passed the feather under her nose--it twitched and I jumped. Grandmama and George laughed again and looked at each other with an understanding that surpassed me at this point. I did it again. Sarah scratched her nose. I looked at the angels and they nodded that I needed to keep on. I did it again. She rolled over and put her arm up to protect her face from the annoyance.

"Talk to her. Tell her what you want her to do," Grandmama said.

"Sarah," I whispered. "Wake up. Wake up Baby."

"Tell her why," George instructed.

"Sarah, it's Dad. Honey, wake up, your mama needs you. Baby, I died in my sleep tonight," I explained.

"Huh?" She bolted up in bed, shaking and breathing hard. She looked around frantically.

"What did I do wrong?"

"Nothing. You're doing great. Tell her to calm down, then to go check on Glory."

"Shhh, Sarah, shhh," I said. Sarah took a deep breath. She shook her head and looked around again. "Sarah, go check on Mama. Go Baby, she needs you." Sarah got out of bed, put on her robe and walked quietly down the hallway to Glory's bedroom. We all walked there with her.

She knocked quietly on the door, only loud enough to hear if someone was already awake. Silence... She slowly turned the knob and opened the door. It was dark in the room, so she turned on the desk lamp to its first dim setting and walked over to my side of the bed. She could see that I was gone. She gasped for air, but covered her mouth, so that her mama would keep sleeping. Tears welled up in her eyes. She sat down for a moment on the chair by the desk and tried to compose herself, tears rolling down her cheeks. She gathered her strength and took a couple of deep breaths, then went to wake her mother.

Sarah knelt by the side of the bed, took her mama's hand and laid her head on it.

Glory stirred. "Sarah? Sarah, honey, what's the matter?" She sat up in bed, all her attention on Sarah. Sarah looked up at her. Glory saw her tears. "What is it, Baby?" She gently wiped her daughter's cheek.

Sarah pointed her head in the direction of my body. Glory put her hand on my shoulder as if to wake me up, because it looked to her like Sarah wanted both of us for her problem. But as she touched my body and looked over, Glory realized what Sarah's problem was. Glory felt my cheek and cried out. Then she looked back at Sarah and took her in her arms. They held each other close and cried.

"What can I do to help them take away this pain?" I asked George.

"By going over and holding them. Wrap your arms around them and tell them how much you'll always love them. Tell them you are close by and that you are just fine. And that you know for a fact that they will be all right because that's what the angels are telling you. Tell them anything else you want. They'll hear you with their souls. Just try it."

I went and knelt by the bed next to Sarah and put my arms around both of them. "I'm right here. I'm still with you. I'm all right. I wish I could comfort you more. I'd do anything to make it stop hurting. It really will be all right." I kissed them both, then moved to where I could watch them better, to see what was going to happen.

Sarah looked up, wiped the tears on her face and tried to comfort her mother. "You know, I bet he's watching us right now, telling us 'quit yer cryin'.'" She sniffed a little and looked around. "Where do you think he is, Mama? You know he's here."

"Yeah, Baby, I know," Glory said through her tears. "I bet he's watching us from the doorway, like always." Sarah looked over right at me. That's exactly where I was.

George created a soft breeze over the desk and the papers ruffled very slightly.

Sarah sighed, "You're right, Mama. You're right." She blew a kiss in the direction of the door. I felt her breath as I caught the kiss in my hand the way I always did.

Sarah held her tight as Glory cried. Sarah tried to comfort her. "He's with Sheila now. They're both in Heaven together."

Right on queue, Sheila appeared by my side and took my hand. I looked at her and at George bewildered. It was all strange, sad and wonderful.

"This is the hardest part, Dad," Sheila said. "So we have to be closer than ever for a while. They'll be fine; we'll take care of them." All the angels circled around them. We all joined hands and prayed for their faith to give them an abundance of strength, courage and compassion during this time of transition.

After a bit, Glory and Sarah did the things that needed to be done. They went down to the living room and called the police to report the death. George made sure that my cousin Terrance received the call at the station. He came right over and handled it all, to make it easier on her.

I watched as Sheila played games with her sister Sarah and tried to make her smile. Sheila went over to Sarah and whispered in her ear to watch Terrance. Sheila made Terrance's pen slip out of his hand. It looked like he dropped it. She helped the pen on the way to the floor, instead of letting it fall on the floor, she tucked it into the cuff of his pants.

"Where did that thing go?" Terrance turned around to see where it had dropped. He turned around again and again quickly and lost his balance. He fell back over the arm of the recliner. He just sat there, with his legs in the air, as the pen stared him in the face. "Hmmm. There it is," he announced and got up without missing a beat.

Sarah covered her mouth trying to hold in a laugh determined to come out. Terrance scratched his head and looked at her. She quickly looked high at the ceiling. The lightness of that moment helped for a moment.

Sheila flew back over to me. She brushed Terrance's neck on the way by. "What'dya think of that?" Sheila asked, while Terrance rubbed his neck.

"What are you doing?" I sounded like I was going to punish her for something she had pulled, like she was twelve again.

"I'm getting their minds off this for a second or two. Wanna try?"

It felt like this was a Saturday afternoon long past and she had just run back to the house after discovering another one of her many treasures, excited to share it with everyone in the family.

"What do I do?" I asked.

She looked around. I looked around. All the angels in the room were smiling, watching us spend time together again.

"First, figure out who you want to touch. Pick Sarah, she's lost in a daze right now and she's alone. Now think, what would be special, that's just between the two of you?"

I looked around the room for something that was a special connection between Sarah and me. There was the macrame hanger that she had made for Glory and me for our last wedding anniversary and in it, the plant she had rooted from a cutting from one of her mother's plants. That was it. I went over to it. "This," I said to Sheila.

"Nice choice," she said and smiled. "Now, very subtly, softly and slowly, swing it. But first, let me get her attention focused on it." She sat next to Sarah and put her arm around her sister. "Dad's over by the plant you gave him. He wants to let you know he's all right." Sheila stared at the plant and a light from her eyes encompassed the plant, making it crystal clear, but everything else around it fuzzy. Soon all I could see was the plant. "Okay, Dad, now go."

"I love you, Sarah," I said as I pushed on the pot. It swung back and forth for a few seconds. Sarah's dazed eyes came into sharp focus around the plant and she shifted in her chair. She looked around again and then relaxed back into the couch.

"I love you too, Dad," she whispered and rubbed the chill bumps that had just raised on her arms. She sighed slightly and soon after that she dozed off to brief sleep.

I was fixated on the plant.

Sheila joined me. "That was nice," she kissed me on the cheek.

"Yeah." I stood there and admired my sleeping daughter, while I held tight to her sister.

"Angel Light," Sheila said. "I used Angel Light."

"Angel Light," George said and came to join us by the plant. "If there's something we want someone to see, we stand by them and stare at it until it's all that we can see. A glow comes over it and we call that glow Angel Light."

Terrance left momentarily to call in the details of the situation from his patrol car. Glory stood at the bay window in the living room and stared into space. Her arms were folded in front of her and she rubbed them like she was cold. The sun peeked over the distant mountains on the horizon.

"Let's paint the sunrise, Dad," Sheila said.

"How do we do that?" I asked.

"Imagine the sky is a painter's canvas," Sheila said. "Mama loves pinks. Let's give it lots of pinks." Sheila waved her hand slowly up in the air towards the horizon and the hues over and all around it gradually turned into beautiful shades of pink.

I followed her lead, "Lots of thin, whispy clouds." I imagined the clouds and waved my hands as Sheila had and to my amazement, the clouds gradually formed just as I had imagined them. They reflected the pinks vibrantly.

"Mama will like this," she said.

I walked over to Glory and put my arms around her, like I always did when we'd look out the window together. "We did that for you, do you like it?" I whispered in her ear.

"What a beautiful sunrise," she said and sighed. "I wish you could see it, Martin."

"I can," I said softly.

"I know you can. You're probably seeing lots of people and things right now." Another tear streamed down her cheek.

"I'll be here for you forever. I'm right here now and I'll always love you." I wanted to stay until I was sure she had heard me.

Sheila interrupted us. "Dad, it's time to go now."

Glory's angel took over for me at the window.

"Martin, we need to get her some more help," George said.

"Of course, Vivian!" I said. I instantly knew who he meant!

Vivian was Glory's best friend in the world; Glory needed her here. Quicker than a heartbeat, we were in Vivian's bedroom. The angel network was already at work. Vivian was wide-awake. She paced up and down her bedroom floor.

"She knows there's something wrong with Glory, but she's afraid to call because it's so early and she's hoping she's imagining things," Vivian's angel, Goldie, explained.

Viv looked so worried. She paced back and forth with her arms folded, just like Glory. It was as if she could feel what Glory felt.

"Just go over there," Viv's husband softly said. "If there's something wrong, you'll know. If all is well then, just take her out for a cup of coffee; you know she's always up with the sun."

"You're right, you're right," she said to her husband and started to get dressed.

I must've looked puzzled, because George then explained, "Close friends have an unspoken bond. Their angels are as close as the friends themselves. It enhances the beauty of the friendship."

"So Vivian knows something is wrong because she can sense what Glory feels?"

"That, and her angel told her that she needs to go to Glory. Between those two things, she woke up worried, tense, almost frantic. She's confused about where these feelings are coming from, so she doubts the validity of them."

"So she knows what it is?" I was in awe!

"No, she only knows how upset she feels and that it must be something big. She can only guess at possibilities. If she just trusted in her intuition, she'd zero right in on what's wrong."

Vivian dressed hurriedly, put her hair in a scarf and kissed her husband and said, "I'll call you in a little bit."

"Viv, she's all right," he said, trying to comfort her.

"Let's hope so," she said and raced out of the room, down to the garage, started the car and drove off to see Glory.

We followed her. As Viv drove up to the house, she saw the police car outside. "I knew it!" She stopped and jumped out of the car. She left her purse and everything inside. She ran up to the house and knocked hard on the door.

Glory came to the door, her face tear-stained. "It's Martin," she said. "He's gone." With that Mama fell onto her friend and the tears exploded anew. Vivian stood there, held Glory tight and cried, too. All the angels in the house gathered around them and prayed for their continued faith, strength and courage.

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