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Othniel Seiden has practiced medicine for decades and is now a retired physician living in Colorado with his beautiful wife Jane. He is also a widower, sex therapist and a voracious student of his Jewish heritage. A founding member of Doctor's to the World, Dr. Seiden has traveled extensively and learned more from the many cultures of the world he's volunteered with than he could have ever given back in return.

Othniel J. Seiden has written so many books that he is know as Colorado's Most Prolific Writer.

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Shtetl - the story of a life no more...

Shtetl - the story of a life no more...

(As told from the hereafter)

If you were a Jew you needed no last name ... we were all one big family ... and we all had the same tsuris, pardon me, I mean troubles...

Shtetl is the story only about what life was like in my shtetl, a small Jewish village in Eastern Europe. At one time, there were many shtetls in Eastern Europe, but they and the lives led in them are no more.

And I am the last remembered patriarch of the family in this story.

I began my physical life on earth in the year 1820. The shtetl ... the little village, in Poland, where I lived my entire life, came into existence, maybe three centuries earlier. In all that time, little changed for either of us, except maybe the misery got worse. We both, the shtetl, and I, ended our time on earth together.

So you might ask how it is, if I am no more that my story will get told?

Well, when you are here ... here in what you call the "hereafter" or "the afterlife"... but God forbid, it shouldn't happen to you 'till you're a hundred and twenty ... you'll understand it all...

Communing with the Dead

Communing with the Dead

death need not part you...

There exists the false belief that such afterlife communications are rare, and that they may be indicative of the existence of psychological problems. From our experience interviewing survivors, nothing is further from the truth. We feel strongly that survivors would greatly benefit from more awareness of how frequently these communications occur. Such knowledge might allow them to be comforted when they experience after death communication. It would help them share these experiences with others thus gaining support, as well as giving support to other bereaved family and friends.

It is equally important for counselors, ministers, and therapists to understand the prevalence of such communications so that they can provide the validation and support their patients and clients need.

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